Saturday, 29 December 2012

TCR Palette #124

This is my middle sister; these are rare photos and only handed over to me under duress. She makes it almost impossible for me to get photos of her!
I was 4 when she was born and I remember Mum bringing home this beautiful little doll with blue eyes, black curly hair, a tiny perfectly shaped mouth and, as she got older, dimples when she smiled. When she cried her eyes would fill with tears but only one would gently roll down her face. She was quite different to the rest of us but perhaps inherited the best parts of both our parents genes. She was the only one Dad really wanted and the only one he stayed at home for after birth.
She joined the army at 19 and was posted to the Eastern States and although she married a West Australian who was also in the army, they only spent two years of their 20 years service at home; we feel we lost a large part of her life due to the separation. She is the mother of three very accomplished children, two boys and a girl, a very talented quilter and scrapbooker, has a wicked sense of humour and is crazy about the arts and follows almost every sport you can think of. When she smiles she lights up the room and you should see her dance. She has already achieved a very high level in Latin dance and is now working her way through ballroom; I could only wish I had half her talent.
We are fortunate to now live in the same city and spend some Friday nights and the odd weekend scrapbooking together, making up for the lost years.
Thank you for looking and for any comments you may leave, best wishes.

TCR#124 - Belle

CSI Case File #37

I have decided to copy some of my pages from the CSI and TCR websites as I am afraid of losing them through closed domains. My apologies if you are reading these for a second time!
I don't like to drop names for two reasons, the first being I am really bad at remembering them and I don't want to be known for who I know but who I am. Having said that I am honoured to say that this wonderful man, Gerry Darwin is a friend of ours. He is an internationally renowned artist who lives near us and we have been pleased to help him with his art. My husband has made several plinths for Gerry in the past and stood as a model for him on another occasion. He even used my hooded eyelids as a model for a piece in honour of St Mary McKillop that was presented to the Pope some time ago. He needed a workman's hands for this particular piece and my lovely husband, a carpenter, has the largest work roughened hands of any one I know! I love that both use their hands in their work and in doing so appreciate each other.
Thank you for looking and any comments you may leave, best wishes.

CF# 37 - These Hands

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Holidaying a Mile High

Hi Everyone,
No scrap booking challenges for November or December as we have been on holiday in the USA.
My youngest sister, the subject of the previous post, celebrated a significant birthday and we decided that, after attending a nieces wedding in Sydney, it would be the perfect opportunity for a trip to Denver to celebrate with her. I have been able to travel to Colorado several times before but this was the first opportunity for my husband to travel with me. It was important to me that he love holidaying in the USA as much as I do so I planned the trip around the things I thought he would enjoy and travelling on trains as much as possible.
We broke our trip in Hawaii so he could stretch his legs and were given the opportunity to view the US Arizona Memorial, a very moving experience. We had a day at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, a trip to San Diego to visit a friend, a tour of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, the Mesa Verde and the Miracle Staircase in Santa Fe before heading up to Denver to spend a week with my sister and the hope to see snow falling. The season is very late and although we went to Aspen, Vale and Breckenridge and saw snow on the ground, there was very little falling anywhere.
Hubby enjoyed the opportunity to hike in the mountains and took photos of signs warning him of wild cat and bear! The train through the Rockies and Sierra Nevada's gave us some stunning vistas and a couple of days in San Fransisco, including a walk across the iconic bridge, a couple of days in Disneyland and California Adventure completed our holiday before heading home.
We are delighted to also announce that we have also added two grandsons to our beautiful family in the past month and I look forward to the opportunity of scrap booking them in the new year.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a safe and happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thank you for looking and any comments you may leave, best wishes.