Friday, 27 March 2015

Time Passes

I am sitting here late at night checking my work emails as I have been off for several days; I decided to go through my list of blogs and see what everyone had been up to and realised it was August 2014 when I last wrote.
After my last blog post I travelled with several friends to France to help one of the ladies to tick off her bucket list as she has had cancer twice and no longer feels able to travel alone. Part of the trip was the Battlefields in the north of France and Belgium ultimately paying our respects to her lost uncle and being honoured in finding my own Great Uncle at the Villers Bretonneau memorial. This was unexpected and we can only thank the wonderful guide that was able to not only research and locate my uncle but also take us to the field in which he was lost to us. Paying our respects to the many thousands of lost sons, paying respect to our lost uncles, seeing those thousands and thousands and thousands of names or headstones left a deep and long lasting impression on me and I truly feel I have struggled since my return.
I have been off work because our youngest DIL delivered a beautiful little girl two weeks ago, our third little princess, but rang me in tears on Tuesday night. She had a headache for many hours and nothing would shift it; my son was away with his job as a road train driver and she needed to go to the hospital. I raced down to their home, lifted our eldest (3yo) granddaughter from her bed, packed everyone into the car and headed off to the nearest public hospital emergency room arriving at 2am. The staff were truly wonderful, accepted our DIL immediately and ran a CT scan; she was bleeding from three places in her brain; apparently the result of 'pushing' her baby out. Her blood pressure was seriously elevated and nothing would stop the pain. I sat with those two beautiful little girls for seven hours waiting for the diagnosis and prognosis and for my son to arrive. The staff were wonderful and incredibly helpful and the girls were perfect angels but it gave me time to reflect on what is important and  how fragile life is. My husband and I have been looking after their two beautiful little girls since the emergency began and have a few more days to go before they can return home. The good news is that my DIL will make a full recovery but there will be issues to deal with between now and then.
We are soon to remember our eldest sons 6th anniversary and the 5th anniversary of the loss of one of our grandson's. We have so much to be thankful for even through these losses and it is important to celebrate those every day. 'I love you' has become a part of our everyday language and although it is said every day, it is sincere every time we say it. This week we celebrate the wonderful work of our doctors and nurses, for the skill and the knowledge they have, the caring and the sacrifices they make to care for, and often save our loved ones. I have an infinite amount of respect for anyone in those professions.
Our baby girl is stirring and I need to prepare her bottle and spend the next hour looking into the face of an angel and be grateful for the miracle. Hold and hug your loved ones; every moment is so precious.
Hopefully I can get back to scrapbooking soon. Thank you for taking the time to visit, best wishes, kind regards.