Friday, 26 April 2013

Let's Get Shabby Challenge - Confetti

I am an organiser, everyone knows it, some people appreciate it, others are bothered by it, it's just the way I am. I am not sure what made me that way but having to care for my younger sisters from a very early age may have something to do with it.
My man and I had been dating for about 4 years and we organised an engagement party, we then organised a wedding; he didn't actually propose to me. About 6 months before our 35th wedding anniversary he asked what I wanted for gift; I asked him to propose to me as he hadn't had the chance when we got engaged; no jewellery necessary. His first thoughts were very grand gestures, plowing a field, sky writing, in lights at the football, (that wasn't going to happen, he wouldn't get me through the gate!), I knew these ideas were in jest so I just waited... I asked him about a month out if he wanted me to organise a family meal, a gathering, anything, 'No' he replied, 'it's all taken care of.' My friends were laughing as they know how hard it was for me not to organise something but I was also really excited to see what he would come up with.
I had to work on the day of our anniversary but hubby had the day off. Half way through the day I received a call from reception, there was a parcel there for me; I found a beautiful boxed white rose and a hand written note inviting me to dinner the next evening, he had driven 35kms to leave it for me. We went to dinner at a favourite restaurant the next evening and I received another note asking me to attend a 'mystery date' on the 20th April and to dress elegantly.
He arrived at a scrap retreat I was attending, presented me with a red rose and asked if I would marry him, we got into the car and drove... past all the places I thought we would go until we finally reached the little church we were married in 35 years earlier. Our boys and most of our little family were there, only my eldest sons widow and son were missing as they were on holiday. We entered the church and there we renewed our vows, with our beautiful sons, their lovely wives and our gorgeous grandchildren as witnesses; our eldest grandson (7) was the 'official' photographer. Hubby could not have thought of anything more beautiful and it will be a very cherished moment. There was no confetti at either wedding but family more than made up for it!
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Monday, 22 April 2013

Sketchabilities Challenge - April

Our third son and eldest grandson; uncle and nephew, photographed on our youngest sons wedding day. The whole male side of the bridal party had thrown their swags on the back lawn the evening before and, after a BBQ and toasting marshmallows they slept under the stars. The next morning after a big breakfast it was fun and games in the backyard to keep the nerves at bay until it was time to get dressed for the big event.
The photographer came while I was out getting hair and makeup done and captured snaps of the boys doing what boys do; playing with cars and racing them down the ramp at the back of our home, just the same as our children did when they were young. These two are kindred spirits; our sons' love of everything mechanical did not really come to the fore until he was in his teens and his two older brothers started tinkering with cars and motorbikes; he has since rebuilt a V8 engine for his Holden Torana and manages a mechanical engineering department; all without much in the way of formal training.
Our grandson's love of engines; earth moving equipment, trucks etc. was obvious from a very early age; his head would spin when he heard an engine and if out walking he would drop to sitting and just watch them for ages. He now, at seven years of age, reads trucking magazines and loves to watch his Dad, Pop and uncles working on lawn mowers, bikes and cars; he is like a sponge wanting to know how everything works.
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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bird is the Word Challenge - April

Our fifth Grandson and his Pop; it is always difficult to get a good photo of my husband let alone a good one of him with one of the many boys in our family. It was definitely a matter of right place right time when I was standing nearby with my iPhone in hand and caught this moment, the two of them with so much love for each other. Our little one had a cold and was a little more cuddly than usual.
My husband has never been shy of showing the great love he has for all the members of our family, sometimes just a hand on a arm, an arm around a shoulder, a hand on a head or a full hug or cuddle. The wonderful thing is that I now get to see our sons doing this with their own little ones and is simply a reflection of the wonderful relationship they had with their own dad. It is such a joy to see.
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ScrapFriends Palette Challenge - April

I am not fond of swimming, I repeated the first three years of lessons three times and eventually everyone involved decided it was not my forte and I no longer had to endure lessons. As a girl in my early teens I was on a surf board with a supposed friend at a surfing beach when she took me out well past my depth and thought it funny to push me off. I would not be writing this today had it not been for a young surfer who saw me close to drowning and rescued me. I have been fearful in the ocean and not fond of lakes or rivers since as I can never be sure of the depth.
Having said that, I love to be near water; I am drawn to the ocean and lakes, waterfalls and rivers. I find them soothing no matter how rough or swift they are. Sunset is a particularly favourite time of day for me; the colours, the way the sun sets into the ocean, knowing that this day is done and another is soon to begin.
This photo was taken on my eldest sons 4th anniversary, only a few weeks ago. I never know quite how my day is going to go so I take the day off work but I don't plan much, just go with the flow so to speak. This year is the first year all our other sons have been home on this day so I organised to meet them and their families down at the shore for fish and chips and to watch the sunset. For the first time I felt I had captured the day and changed the feel of the evening from one of sadness and memories to one of fun and making new memories. Our son is not forgotten but we are also able to celebrate what we have.
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Soul Scrappers - GDT5 CSI Challenge

The Scheme: Red, Black, White, Pink (roses and butterfly), Yellow (title tag)
Evidence: Banner, Polka Dots, Ink drips, Decorative punch, Something Transparent
Testimony: Scallops on my title tag, Inspiration word, Celebrate
Journaling: Hidden in the acetate pocket on the side

My eldest son's little boy, our third grandson and his mum; we have been through a lot since we lost our son in an accident and we don't see as much of these two as we would like and photos of the two together are rare. I was able to download this photo from my daughter in laws Face Book page; I don't know when it was taken but I think perhaps in his first year, certainly prior to his second birthday when he contracted meningitis and almost died, he was left profoundly deaf and received a double cochlea implant five weeks later.
I love the love and fun in this photo, it shows the wonderful relationship between them. She is a wonderful Mum and he is such a lovely, very much loved little boy.
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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Once Upon a Sketch Challenge - April: The Best Day of your Life

Thirty five years ago, on the 8th of April 1978, I married the man of my dreams; tall, blonde (okay, light brown) hair, the most beautiful blue eyes and a really good frame that has changed very little over the years between. I could not believe I had met and then was lucky enough to marry my Prince Charming, the man I planned to spend the rest of my life with, the man that would be such a wonderful Dad to four of the most handsome young men, Pop to seven of the cutest little grandchildren and still stand beside me and tell me often how much he loves me.  I have written about him before in a previous post, You are My Inspiration.
He has enabled and encouraged me to live in the world, to become the person I am and despite all the ups and downs of our lives, still remain committed to that promise we made each other all those years ago. I have always thought myself the luckiest person in the world to be married to such a giving, caring man. The first best day of my life, the birth of each of our sons being the best days that followed.
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

C'est Magnifique - April Challenge

I tried to emulate Finnabair with this page but obviously need to attend her classes before trying that again! I started with two photos the same size but accidentally spritzed one and had to exchange it. I am protective of my family's privacy so will complete journalling on the tag once published.
Our eldest son; this photo was taken when he was best man for his best friends wedding. He was an extraordinary young man, happy in the company of his motorcycle club mates, dressed for a day at the races with his lovely wife on his arm, attending a very wide range of music concerts, or managing a large staff. His management mentor knew he had someone special when he turned up for his first interview dressed appropriately in suit and tie but with his skateboard tucked under his arm.
He would try anything that was different or unusual from a unicycle to learning the harmonica. He was passionate about appropriate reforestation, respected for his knowledge in his field of horticulture and reticulation, known for his motorcycle design changes, interested in house designs and interior decorating. He loved fashion, especially when shopping for his wife.
He was a wonderful brother and son, shaping up nicely to be be a caring uncle to his nephews, a loving caring husband, a cheeky son in law and a wonderful friend. He was taken from us on 2 April 2009 at the age of 29 years and 4 months in a motorcycle accident while on holiday, leaving a wife who was 12 weeks pregnant with his first child, a son, who is so like him in character. We all miss him so much.
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