Friday, 15 August 2014

Scrap Around The World - August Mood Board

I have to admit I am a total sucker for the beautiful teal in the first photo and could not resist doing a page with that colour, featuring the arch window in the background and adding the sepia tones from the from the middle bottom picture.
This family are the generation before me; my mothers siblings and their mother, my beautiful Grandmother. Grandma came from Ireland with her parents and two brothers as a twelve year old, she married Grandad in her later twenties and had two boys and a girl, two boys and a girl who were always known as Section A and Section B. My eldest uncle is on the top right and suffered badly from epilepsy so could not be left alone and did not marry until late in life; he and the tallest one in the middle who had his own family of  six were given the family farm when Grandad died and the two ran it together until a few years ago when the elder retired and the younger was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. The youngest uncle on the left was a serving member of the police force until retirement and had a family of three.
The uncle seated on the right is almost profoundly deaf after a shooting accident in his teens and has a family of eight children, he most like our beautiful grandmother; my aunt in the middle was a nurse with a family of three as was my mother on the left with her family of four. Grandma was always proudest when asked 'How many children do you have?' 'Six' she would reply. 'How many grandchildren do you have?' 'Twenty four.' 'How many great grandchildren?' 'Thirty two.' 'How many great, great grandchildren?' 'Three!' This beautiful lady died eleven years ago at the age of ninety four and the family has continued to add  to her family since that time; she would absolutely love to be surrounded by her family as she is in this photo; everyone together.
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Once Upon a Sketch - The Men in our Lives

Once Upon a Sketch for August has offered me a very easy subject; just try stopping me talk about the men in my life! I was incredibly blessed to be chosen to be the life partner to the man on my right in this photo. Regular visitors will know that we met at a monastery and have been together since we were in our teens. We were blessed again, again, again and again when each of our boys arrived.  They have grown into such fine young men each with a family of their own and we are now blessed with an additional six little boys and a little girl.
This photo was taken at our second son's wedding; the only one who had all his brother's in his wedding party. It was a very hot day and had rained a little during the ceremony; the boys were struggling to remain in their suit jackets but the photo shoot was not complete. Here they are sharing a joke whilst waiting for a family photo to be taken; I am surrounded by the men in my life and I love each and every one of them. My journaling is on the back
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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Kreative Koncepts #27 - Colour Challenge

 I love the colours that Kreative Koncepts have issued but wasn't sure that I could come up with a photo appropriate for it; I found this one amongst my photo stash.  It is interesting that we all chose to wear grey and black so I could add any colour without being concerned with clashes. I have also used a past Sketchabilities sketch.
This is a photo of my husband and I with my middle sister at her daughter's wedding in Sydney. The venue was my sisters Officer's mess, an old fort with views of the Sydney Harbour so the views with the setting sun were stunning. I don't normally wear make-up but managed to look quite reasonable in this photo but I think my sister looked absolutely stunning that evening. She wore a two piece top and skirt with a flare from the hip with lovely black shoes which she changed to ballet slippers for the dancing. She has such a flair with clothing and always looks so lovely. She did her daughter and the rest of her family proud and this is a precious memory.
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