Saturday, 31 March 2012


I love sunsets; I feel a sense of peace in them. I watched the sky change colour tonight from the bright blue of the afternoon sun to the deep crimson showing through the blackened trunks of the gum trees. The sun set on my eldest sons life far too early and I still struggle with losing him. It still feels like he is on a holiday and just hasn't found his way back home yet. Occasionally the thought comes to my mind, 'he will be home soon'. The truth is he is already home and will wait for me.
The sunset reminds me of him, I am not sure why. I guess my last three posts have been all about him as it is his anniversary the day after tomorrow. The photo below was taken on his second anniversary, looking west over the ocean in a suburb not too far from our home. It was one of his favourite places to go to catch up with friends, attend a music festival or just cruise on his bike. 
We just sat on the sea wall and watched the gulls wheeling overhead, the boats drifting on the breeze and the waves gently overlapping on the shore and felt at peace; perhaps that is his gift to us.
Thank you for looking and any comments you may leave, best wishes.

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  1. This photo is awesome! Love your color combination and pretty embellies!