Friday, 22 March 2013

The Color Room - Palette 146

I have an older brother and two younger sisters; our brother has three daughters, a previous post 'Let's Get Shabby Inspiration Challenge - February' is about his middle daughter. Of the three of us girls only one has a daughter, she is my middle sister's middle child; this photo was taken on her wedding day.
In this photo, the proud looking man beside her is not her Dad but my husband, her uncle. These two seemed to have a formed special friendship in my nieces adult years. He finds her to be wise beyond her years, loves a good conversation with her and assisted her to get her manual drivers licence by allowing her to drive our car on the test day as it was in better shape that the VW Beetle she owned. As she now lives on the other side of Australia actual conversations are few and far between but he loves to listen to her Face Book posts as they are always interesting, funny or poignant. She has a quirky sense of humour and style, is one of the most intuitive young women I have ever met and also one of the most understanding.
Her wedding, held on Halloween and themed 'Day of the Dead/Rockabilly' was one of the most meaningful, elegant ceremonies and fun receptions I have attended and she looked absolutely stunning.
Please accept my apologies for the quality of the photo, I am having camera and computer issues and had to use my iPhone. Thank you for looking and any comments you may leave, best wishes. 


  1. This is a lovely layout Susan, love the design and colors, and perhaps she gets her good conversation skills from you her Aunty as you always have such wonderful explanations about your layouts on your blog!!

  2. Love your layout!!! U did a fab job :D

  3. She is a special person.
    I just love how this turned out. The colours suit her wedding perfectly. You should be more proud of this page.

  4. So Lovely Susan. Thanks for sharing your page about your Neice.