Monday, 17 September 2012

Scrapfriends Sketch Challenge - September

Our third grandson; born 6 months after his lovely Dad (see previous post) was killed in an accident. Our son saw him on his 12 week scan and was lost to us 2 days later. This little chap has been through an awful lot in his 2 and a half years when this photo was taken. 
He was rushed to hospital just before his second birthday and was diagnosed with meningitis; we considered ourselves fortunate that the only result of this dreadful illness was that it had left him very weak. It was not until a few weeks later that it was realised that he had also become profoundly deaf.  It wasn't picked up immediately as his language had not been affected greatly and he had already taught himself to lipread. Once discovered, he needed urgent surgery to implant two cochlea's. The surgeon was wonderful and pulled out all stops to perform the surgery quickly as any delay may have reduced the outcome.
Our little man recovered quickly and has not looked back in terms of speech and hearing. He has learnt though that, if he does not want to hear you telling him what to do or growling at him, he simply removes his aids!
As part of his recovery he has to attend occupational therapy; at one of these sessions he was on the flying fox and had safely landed into the foam pit two previous times. The third time he landed awkwardly and broke his femur.  Hospitalised yet again, his spirit shone through and when visiting him two days later, he showed me how he could grab the ropes holding the weights to his leg and swing his leg up and down!
This photo was taken 6 weeks later at his cousins 1st birthday; he was still in his box splint but happy to be a part of what was going on around him. He has since fully recovered and continues to keep his mother busy as he is as active and adventurous as his lovely Dad.
Thank you for looking and any comments you may leave, best wishes


  1. What a gorgeous, courageous little boy and I'm sure his dad would have been oh so proud. His mum must be doing a wonderful job raising him for him to be so happy and determined.

  2. HI.. I am thankful for your sharing about your family and I do enjoy reading about the strength you all seem to exhibit.. what a darling boy, may God Bless and keep him safe.. a lovely photo and a beautiful layout!!

  3. Boy oh BOY....I hope all the yucky stuff has now happened in his life & there will be no more...think he's had more than his fair share!! I was in hospital 8 times before I turned 10. Only twice since in the last 40 years....thanks for joining in our Scrap Friends challenge...LOVE the hessian mat & flourish & how you've placed the photo...great job:):):):)

  4. What a beautiful layout and story, such a brave little boy full of courage and strength at such a tender age. Thank you so much for sharing this very special layout with us at Scrap Friends :)

  5. Love the way you interpreted the sketch.
    Love the pp too an the clusters on the sides
    I honestly believe he has to strength to overcome life's triumphs because he has dad watching over him and alot of people surrounding him who adore him!

  6. what a beautiful and brave little boy!..your page is so lovely with great details....thanks so much for playing along at ScrapFriends! :)

  7. Lovely layout. Great layers and clustering of tags/buttons to the side.

  8. What an aweful lot for one small boy and his family to have to endure. But he looks like he's got a tremendous spirit of strength and endurance (and a cheeky sense of humour!) Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful page with us at Scrap Friends.