Friday, 5 October 2012

Scrap Friends October Challenge - Camera Shy

Our fourth and youngest grandson; he is a lovely mix of both his parents, he has my sons hair, it stands straight up and waves in the breeze like a wheat field, big blue eyes and a cheeky grin. His mouth and chin are like his Mum's and at the moment he is shorter than usual for our family and may take after his Mum in height, we will have to wait for his 2nd birthday so we can measure him to get a guestimate of his height as an adult. All our boys are well over 6 feet.
His Mum is a teacher and spends many hours reading to him and playing with him and his Dad loves to pick him up, take him to the back fence and spend time looking over it watching the traffic go by and talking to him about his day and cars. Bath time is a shared activity but Mum has to dress him because he will not lie still for his Dad. Whenever we visit, we are met at the door by both of them and it is a race between my husband and I to get first cuddles. Pop always wins! This little fellow will have a brother or sister in 6 weeks PG so there will be one for each of us.
This photo was taken at his first birthday party and as you can see, he is anything but camera shy!
It is wonderful how big your heart gets when you have children and grandchildren; it always seems to grow enough to allow another to take up residence there.
Thank you for looking and any comments you may leave, best wishes.



  1. i love this.
    i love the colours, i love how you got out of your comfort zone and produced such an awesome page.
    you stayed so true to the sketch and why wouldnt you with such an awesome sketch.
    i love how their is always a story that you tell everytime we enter your blog.
    love ya

  2. A beautiful story and layout, thanks for sharing!!! My kids grandparents from hubby side are coming next week all the way from scotland. it means sooo much to me that they come out every 2yrs as my kids are their only grandkids. I take soooo many photos that the kids are over the sight of the camera for a month!! lol :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous.. I enjoy reading your post as much as seeing your lovely layouts.. I don't have grandies yet.. and none even on the horizon, so hearing about the joy they bring makes me hopeful one day I will have this blessing too.. He sounds like a wonderful little boy and I am sure your hearts will grow when the next one comes along!!

  4. congrats susan....\& once again...yum! Thanks for playing along:):):):)

  5. Congrats on your win!!

    Gorgeous page!! red, white and blue go together so well! thanks for joining the fun with us at ScrapFriends!

  6. beautiful page..the colours are perfect!...thanks so much for joining in at ScrapFriends! :)

  7. Cool take, love the paint, so so cool! Love how the red really pops off the page :) Thanks for sharing it with us at Scrap Friends.

  8. Lov the painted background details. I love how you've interpreted the sketch. Thanks for sharing it with us at Scrap Friends.