Thursday, 18 April 2013

ScrapFriends Palette Challenge - April

I am not fond of swimming, I repeated the first three years of lessons three times and eventually everyone involved decided it was not my forte and I no longer had to endure lessons. As a girl in my early teens I was on a surf board with a supposed friend at a surfing beach when she took me out well past my depth and thought it funny to push me off. I would not be writing this today had it not been for a young surfer who saw me close to drowning and rescued me. I have been fearful in the ocean and not fond of lakes or rivers since as I can never be sure of the depth.
Having said that, I love to be near water; I am drawn to the ocean and lakes, waterfalls and rivers. I find them soothing no matter how rough or swift they are. Sunset is a particularly favourite time of day for me; the colours, the way the sun sets into the ocean, knowing that this day is done and another is soon to begin.
This photo was taken on my eldest sons 4th anniversary, only a few weeks ago. I never know quite how my day is going to go so I take the day off work but I don't plan much, just go with the flow so to speak. This year is the first year all our other sons have been home on this day so I organised to meet them and their families down at the shore for fish and chips and to watch the sunset. For the first time I felt I had captured the day and changed the feel of the evening from one of sadness and memories to one of fun and making new memories. Our son is not forgotten but we are also able to celebrate what we have.
Thank you for looking and any comments you may leave, best wishes.


  1. Love that big swirly flourish
    The photo is gorgeous and the page has a simple elegance about it.
    I'm so glad that you all got to be together this yr and your family has certainly grown since he left. But he is wtching

  2. I love the simple style of this layout, it really lets that stunning photo take center stage, love the flourish and flowers.. a beautiful layout..

  3. Love your story and your layout. The title is so important as well...

    Wish you all good! Thanks for playing along with us at SF!

  4. Simple-y effective! Beautiful use of our Scrap Friends do such thoughtful & evocative work, it's always a pleasure to come see what you've been up to!!! IKWYM re: the water....luckily, I got over my fear & love swimming. But only where I can touch the seabed!!!!