Sunday, 26 May 2013

Scrapfriends Yummy Palette - May

I love hearing people's reactions to the news of a new pregnancy; the birth stories start, the questions ... what are you having, what do you want etc... It can also be a bit distressing for the new Mum, especially if there have been problems getting pregnant or with the pregnancy itself. I found after delivery our second son and falling pregnant with the third and then fourth that people were telling me I was carrying differently, that this one must be a girl for various reasons... all four pregnancies were different as were all four births. Yes, we always wanted a girl but stopped at four because of complications at the birth of our youngest. Having said that, I would not swap one of them for a daughter and never considered rejecting any of them as I have heard some women do.
When each of the boys married, their girls were warned of the strong male gene and told not to expect miracles; two found out what they were having before the birth, two, the sisters, did not.
My youngest sons mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer just weeks into their first child's pregnancy and  did not have too long to live; she had dreamt that her daughter was having a little girl so our son and her daughter decided to have the sex confirmed at 20 weeks so that she would know before she died. Bets were placed and to our astonishment, the prediction was confirmed. Three months after her Mum's death and with me present, our little grand daughter was born. She carries both her grandmothers', two of her 4 great grandmothers and her paternal great, great Grandmothers second name as her second name. Her first name is as individual as she is. These photos were taken on the we renewed our vows for our 35th anniversary. She is such a delight.
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  1. Oh I love how different our pages are using the same colours!!
    And as always gorgeous story.
    Love the different shape of the white background

  2. I Love that dark lacy border & flower've done a great job with our Scrap Friends coming by to hear your story telling, which is always so heartfelt....I can relate....2 sons, now 1 grandson later...will there EVER be a girl in our family????!!! Who knows! But I'm happy my mob are healthy, content & good kids...can't ask for more than that...& I have step grand daughters, so I'm pretty lucky when all's said & done:):) Thanks as always ,for joining us at SF!!!