Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sketchabilities #91

Our third grandson, on his first birthday; the little one who was born 6 months after his lovely Dad was lost to us in an accident. I am still trying to catch up on album pages so this one goes back 2 years. All the firsts are tough when you have lost someone; we have been through so many already but there will always be another on the horizon. This little one had three 1st birthday parties; one with his Mum's family, this one with ours and another with friends. It was easier as both his parents come from large families and both were very sociable; so many people wanted to help and support this little boy after his Dad died and all had to be considered for the parties. We had our party in Kings Park as it is central to our city and no one had to travel too far. The little one wasn't walking alone yet but thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention; he was more interested in leaves and eating card envelopes than the gifts although he seemed to understand that the cake was for him. His mum had made the cake and decorated it to look like a train. It took a while to light a match in the light breeze but he had been practising blowing out candles for a few weeks and did well enough. There were a lot of gifts to open and many would be put away and brought out over the next several months. I was sitting back watching him and his Mum opening gifts and interacting with the guests; I was taking photos for his album and the sadness suddenly came over me and I had to walk away; his Dad would never know what a treasure he had left for us, his little boy who carries so much of his Dad in his character and has so much of our heart invested in him.
Thank you for looking and any comments you may leave, best wishes


  1. This is such a special moment and one I know you will always treaure. After reading your intro you can always see the page with so emotion and feel like we are right there with the moment.
    This little boy doesn't know how hard he has had it so its lucky he has j's strength.
    Gorgeous page... Love the hexagons

  2. Sweet page. Sorry for your loss. He is a sweetheart. Thanks for sharing at Sketchabilities.

  3. So cute! thanks to use a sketchabilities sketch ;)

  4. OMG! i just read all your words i'm really sorry <3

    1. Hi Steph no problem; sorry if the words upset you, this blog is, in part, part of my journey to healing... We are travelling really well and this little man is a big part of that, kind regards, susan