Monday, 18 June 2012

Introducing - Our Granddaughter

We have four sons and 4 grandsons; we couldn't beleive it when our youngest son and his lovely wife announced that their expected first child was to be a girl. We didn't actually buy anything for her until she was born in case they got it wrong!
Our daughter-in-Law lost her Mum to cancer only a few months before the little one was born; it was a very difficult time for her and I was fortunate to be able to support her through the last few months. I was 'on call' for the day of the birth and everyone at work was warned that I might suddenly rush out the door. The call came at about 2pm; the little mother was tiring and my son was worried for both of them. I rushed to the hospital and was there to hold his hand while he held his wife's hand and watched his daughter being born. I feel very blessed to have been allowed to be present. Our little angel carries the name of both her grandmothers and two of her great grandmothers; She is perfect, welcomes everyone with her beautiful smile and is a delight.
Thank you for looking and any comments you may leave, best wishes.


  1. What a beautiful experience for you as a family, I too have been at the birth of three of my grandsons (daughter with two and daughter-in-law with one). I know how honoured you must feel at being allowed/invited to be there for such a special time. This is such a lovely layout to celebrate your grand daughter.

  2. Oh she is a darling, and I reckon a big ray of sunshine.. I don't have any grandys yet...and your layout is stunning... such a gorgeous happy photo it lights up the page!!

  3. Oooh she is BEAUTIFUL!! dear me that smile can melt icebergs! What a fantastic experience to see her come into this world and how very very happy I am that you could be there for your DIL after her mother passed away. You are such a warm and generous person Susan, your love has no limits and I know your family would take down the moon for you. This layout is truly gorgeous! Mwah!