Saturday, 9 June 2012

TCR #114 Challenge

I have wanted to do this page for a while and happened to print this photo on the day the TCR#114 palette came out in exactly the colours I needed. It was meant to be!
Many people do not know what to say when they learn you have lost a loved one; they say things like 'God wanted him, God took him....'. I know I have said these words myself in the past and regret them now. I do not believe my God is vengeful, he does not give us these terrible illnesses and does not take our loved ones from us. My belief is that we are all here for a limited number of days, each of us having their own number; our son had reached his limit and when he died  my God welcomed him with open arms and will take care of him until we meet again. 
Someone came to me in my church a couple of months after our son had died and asked why I was there, why would I continue to come, why did I not blame God for taking him. I was shocked; this person holds a position in our church and was challenging my faith. I asked why I shouldn't be there and explained my belief. I don't know if I helped her but I know it is this belief that gets me through the tough days.
There is a movie called 'The Book of Days'; I saw it only a few days after my sons accident; it confirmed my thinking, my belief and I continue to search for a copy.
Thank you for looking and any comments you may leave, best wishes.

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  1. HI.. Thank you for sharing such a personal and sad part of your life.. I too believe we all have our days written out and we all live them, and yes it is sad when someone dies at a young age, but I dont think God is being nasty by taking them then, it is their 'time'.. this layout is lovely, very touching... I am a new follower, I have only found your blog today, but I would like to keep coming back and being inspired by you and your creations.. I hope your day is going great! xxlizzy